Traveling around the globe

In April 2013 we started to transfer our great dream in to reality. Our plan is a circumnavigation on our Catamaran Outremer 49. We would like to meet a lot of people and cultures and will be astonished about the beauty of the nature.

The voyage started in the Golf du Lion and we stayed in the mediterranean area during the first summer. Our journey brought us to Corsica - Sardinia - Island of Lipari - Sicily - Greece - Sicily - Island Elba - Korsika and back to France.

After the latest preparations in September 2013 we sailed to the Canary Islands - Cape Verde and after the Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean.

We were visiting the south of the Caribbean from Antigua to Grenada. In July 14 we arrived in Grenada and since middle of August we stayed in Trinidad. In September 14 we sailed to Tobago and then back to Grenada. November 14 we continued to travel over the Windward and Leeward Islands up to St.Martin. From January 15 anwards we visited the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, IIle La Vache, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Belize and arrived in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Here we stayed and worked on the boat.

Beginnig od December 15 we  left Guatemala and visited the Bay Islands of Honduras (Utilla, Roatan and Guanaja). In February 16 we sailed again to Cuba and we visited the south between Cayo Largo and Isla Juventud. We rounded the west of Cuba and arrived in Habanna. Our trip was going to Florida (Key West and Miami). After some maitenance and repare we traveled over the Bahamas, Santiago de Cuba, Jamaica, Isla Providencia to Panama. Here we stayed over the hurrican seasion and visited tin November 16 the San Blas Islands.On the 9th and 10th January 2017 we passed the Panama Canal and sailed to the Isla Las Perlas and to Ecuador. After 2 weeks traveling on land it was time to go to the Galapagos Islands. We visited 3 Ilands and enjoyed the beautiful nature. Within 20 days we traversed the Pacific and arrived in Fatu Hiva the first Island of the Marquesas. In August 18 we left these impressive Islands and sailed to the Toamotus. During the Cyclone Season we let KALEA in Apataki on the hard and traveled around New Zealand. We visited a lot of places on the North- and South Island with a campervan. Beautiful nature and everywhere nice people.

In March 18 we were been back in Apataki and worked on our boat. We visited Fakarava and Toau before we sailed to Tahiti. Over Morea, Huahine, Boro Bora and Maupihaa we left French Polynesia and sailed over Palmerston (Cook Islands) Beveridge Reef, Niue, Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia to Australia. Since the 1st November we are here.

The circumnavigation we will plan step by step and we will see wherever the wind will carry us.